Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit

Image of Ducky teaching.Conferences of any kind can be bombastic, with long days and loads of strangers. So honestly I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived to the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. I knew there would be speakers. I knew there would be audiences full of sex educators, bloggers, social workers, and social justice advocates. That was all I really knew!

What I did not expect was the warmth of this collection of people, from the organizers to the presenters, to the participants. This summit was the most enjoyable sex education/sexuality conferences I have ever attended. Here are some of the highlights:

(1) There were incredibly thoughtful presentations that covered pleasure, family matters, and social issues. I gave my presentation on the Sexual Wellness of Foster Youth. There was not a massive crowd for my talk, but the people who did show up were full of heart and a willingness to learn, listen and consider how they can better impact vulnerable youth in their communities. I am grateful to them.

(2) The hotel was very nice. The bed was comfy. The hotel manager was very supportive of the event. The view from my room on the 12th floor was amazing! I could see the local neighborhood, the Pentagon, and Arlington National Cemetery.My book, sitting on the Red Emma's book table.(3) Red Emma’s Bookstore was the book vendor. They brought my book, and a lot of other great titles! (Thank you!)

Sola products on a table.

(4) There were some very cool companies who choose to sponsor the summit, including one of the companies I work for– Sola! Great brands like Doxy, Njoy, and Tantus were also in attendance. Baltimore’s own Sugar (sex toy shop) was there to sell toys to the masses.

Sola sign outside the blogger lounge.

(5) Sola also sponsored the blogger lounge on Saturday. The blogger lounge is just a quiet space where writers could recharge, have conversations, eat snacks, and cool out. Sola brought fruit, donut holes, art supplies and super sexy, adult coloring books from SheVibe.com! Graphic art ensued!

Signs inside the lounge encouraging people to make art!

Covers of Shevibe coloring books.

Hands of someone coloring.

In the end, I found myself surrounded by intelligent minds, like minds, and lots of people who gave me fresh perspectives. I purchased a couple cool items from Funkit Toys. I was also invited to both a spanking party and a fisting party. My absolute shyness made it impossible for me to attend but I LOVE being invited!

My shyness around group displays of sexuality exists because I am a survivor if rough stuff,  these things never feel safe to me. But I appreciate that others love playing! And regardless, I still enjoyed hearing the laughs and slaps of the spanking party that just happened to be happening a few doors down from my hotel room!

Thank you again to the Sexual Freedom Summit organizers, to everyone who came to my presentation, and each of you who spent time with me. So much joy was had!

The 2018 dates have already been announced. If you are considering going next year, I highly recommend it.

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