Finally a Modern Sex Toy Design that Really Delivers

Every sex toy should be orgasmic. If a toy costs a lot? I have very high expectations for it. It’s that simple.

I even have the formula to determine a sex toy’s orgasm-to-cost ratio. But it shakes out like this, if a toy costs very little but brings lots of orgasms (like a classic bullet or a G spotter) then it has a high orgasm-to-dollar ratio.

If it costs more than $20 and is not very orgasmic for most people, it has a low orgasm-to-cost ratio. I don’t want to hear from brands how much the technology, materials or packaging costs. Just get your customers off. If you can not do that as a manufacturer then you have a poor design or a poor business model.

That said, Cue by Sola has a high orgasm to dollar value. In my opinion and with my body, I find it’s worth every penny. And shockingly, it’s the first small, G spot vibe that outperforms my Rechargeable Magic Wand for clitoral play. (You read that right. This toy is a stunner.)

Why is Cue so good?

  • Sola has engineered their own motor. Cue vibrations feel nothing like the old familiars. The vibes are deep and rumbly. It has ten functions but frankly, I never get past the third function. It’s so perfect and orgasmic that I stop there.
  • Cue is curved to reach your G spot during penetration. The head is a bit larger, and it is slimmer as you move down the shaft. This design is ideal for rocking against the G spot, with or without vibration engaged.
  • Just two simple buttons. Hold the (+) button to turn it on. Use the (+) and (-) buttons to move through functions. Hold the (-) button to turn it off.
  • It’s completely waterproof and submersible. This means you can run the toy under water to clean it or you can play in the shower or bath.
  • It’s made of smooth, platinum cured silicone. Best to use it with a quality waterbased lube.
  • It has a simple magnetic charger. It can be charged via USB or with the AC wall adapter, which comes with it. You never need to buy batteries.
  • It comes with a simple, lint-free, antibacterial, drawstring bag so it’s easy to store or travel with. has officially replaced my petite and lovely Limon as my favorite travel toy.
  • 5 Year Global manufacturer warranty.

Cue has officially replaced my petite and lovely Limon as my favorite travel toy. It has dethroned my Rechargeable Magic Wand as my favorite clitoral toy. It comes in as one of my favorite toys of 2017. (So far!)

This toy was given to me for free in exchange for an honest review. Links on this page go to sites I trust but also have affiliate accounts with. By purchasing through these link you support my sit. Thank you!

At the time of this post, you can buy Cue by Sola from ($92.90 + free shipping) or ($79.50.)


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