Curiosity is my superpower. It’s also why I bought the Water Slyde. I was wondering what’s going on in the realm of sex toys and water. I was not looking for sex toys that happen to be waterproof and submersible, I wanted something that made water part of the play.

It was a purchase made with some trepidation. The Water Slyde is so simple and so pink. And could that little ribbon actually hold it in place?

After owning it for a a few weeks… I CAN NOT STOP HAVING SEX WITH THIS THING!

It really is so simple and yes– so pink. But that ribbon has a non-slip grip to it and really does hold it tightly against my faucet.

This plastic water diverter works perfectly with any forward facing faucet.

The spout is 16 inches long, with another 5 inches that fits under the faucet. Those 16 inches means it’s ideal for anyone with a bigger body or mobility issues that may not be able to scoot under a classic faucet with ease. It still looks discreet, fits in a carry on suitcase and travels well.

I recommend it for anyone who loves the feeling of water flowing over your vulva. For me it’s amazing orgasms and super clean pussy, all in one. I love it.

The woman who invented it boasts that she loves to inspire people to feel  “comfortable and confident in every aspect of life.” She proudly states on her website that she uses her own invention. And she is addicted to Jiu-Jitsu. So she’s into pleasure and marital arts? I think I love her too!

Water Slyde is affordable at $23.99, shipping included. I purchased this product with my own money. This in not a sponsored post. I simply love this thing and had to share. You can learn more and buy it here.

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