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Graffiti says "GOOD GIRL"

There was this homeless man on 2nd Avenue in New Your City. He used to sit in front of St. Mark’s Church. Every day I would pass him, sometimes twice a day. He always had a huge smile for me and a, “How are ya?”

If I had the time I would stop and talk with him. He never asked for anything.

If it was raining I would give him my umbrella. Living outside, I felt like he needed it more than I did.  I had somewhere to go and get dry and warm.

When I would pass the next day, the umbrella was always gone. I am assuming he would give the umbrellas to someone he felt needed it more than he did. I must have given him more than 100 umbrellas over time. I felt like this was a great use of umbrellas.

You’d think I would be smart enough to bring two umbrellas with me when it was raining. I never did tho.

(Photo: The back garden cemetery of St. Mark’s Church. March 2012.)


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