Perfect Lazy Not-Too-Sweet Holiday Eggnog

I actually like to make my own almond milk. It’s really easy, it just requires a bit of forethought because you have to soak the almonds a day in advance.

When I don’t have time to make my own, my favorite brand is Califia Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk. Unlike some of the other “almond milk” on the market, it actually has almonds as a top ingredient. The other few ingredients check out as healthy as well.

I have been so limited in what I can drink cuz of the upcoming surgery that it’s hard to find something yummy to have in the morning.

I tried Califia with a little cinnamon. Whatever.

I tried it with a shake of dried ginger. Again, whatever.

Then I found Target has a Califia has a nog this season! (I LOVE the holidays! Any excuse to celebrate… I’ll take it.) It’s a bit sweet for my taste so I use 1/3 nog, 2/3 unsweetened almond milk. Perfection!

1 thought on “Perfect Lazy Not-Too-Sweet Holiday Eggnog”

  • Love the Califia almond milks, though I haven’t tried the vanilla yet. And I *love* the packaging. Am I loony-tunes, or is that just a really sexy shape for an almond milk bottle? 🙂

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