You Heal Me / You Fuel Me

Now that I have beaten cancer (OMG that feels so good to say!) I will start blogging about how I manage my medical bills, the insurance company, and the VA. (My husband is a disabled combat veteran. I figure there are more vets and those who love them that can benefit from my experience.) Managing medical bills is not exciting, but valuable. Perhaps I can help people this way?

I am accountable to you and you can watch my progress here. You can donate here. Every dollar over what I need for my bills will be given to another yet-to-be-determined person in need of help with medical bills. When we meet that goal, I’ll let y’all suggest who that person may be.

In the meantime, my mind is blown by how generous people have been and by how much you care. I still have a long way to go to get these bills cared for but I feel so empowered by you. THANK YOU!

Even if you can’t give money, to share the campaign also helps so much.

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