Goodness Thrives… Lilly

We don’t know each other very well. We’ve shared some kind words online and some valued time together at sexuality conferences. But one day, while I was in the midst of cancer treatment, Lilly sent me a message and asked if I would consider doing a fundraiser for my medical bills. She was willing to spearhead the efforts.

I sat perplexed by the idea. I told her I felt too proud to say yes to her offer. She reminded me that pride will not pay my medical bills, and so I relented. Thank you, Lilly. You are a bright light in the world and I appreciate you. Thanks for caring for me.

Here are some of my favorite posts from her blog:

If you don’t already know her work, I recommend exploring it. She’s loaded with all good intentions, all the time. A rare thing in this world.

(This is part one of a series where I get to say thank you. I have a lot of people to be thankful for.)

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