Oh I Like This / Feb 2018

Howdy! Welcome to my February roundup. You can by the date that I almost missed it this month! Working in the sex toy industry means I get clobbered with work every February by perverted Valentines who need vibrating doo-dads. Bless their hearts.


I am doing well with my plan to eat well. I am working out some. Not doing as well as I would like. Ugh. I’m going to do better.

I am replacing my love of baking with making other things. (I have not been baking or the last year and a half. I miss it!) I finally have everything I need to make my first batch of oatmeal and goat milk soap.

I use to make banana bread for all my friends and family. Now I can force them to be clean and smell good. This makes me so happy!


woman with shrt dark hair wearing a super soft looking braThis month I want to introduce you to AnaOno, a little company that makes beautiful underthings and dresses for breast cancer survivors.

Why? A survivor’s body changes and their relationship with their body changes upon diagnosis.

There are surgeries, scars, procedures, and ports. As a survivor herself, Dana insightfully makes things that make those other things easier to live with. Dana’s creations are beautiful. (And could be worn by anyone, not just survivors– anyone can support her!)

I had the pleasure of facilitating a Sex After Cancer presentation with Dana before I was diagnosed. She was so full of wisdom and warmth. That experience stayed with me and her words from that day helped me as I came to grip with my diagnosis.

One of her mottoes is, “…whatever stage you’re in, AnaOno is with you. We hope you find comfort here.” Her blog is full of insightful articles like Post-Mastectomy Fashion: 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Mastectomy and Intimacy After Breast Cancer. I encourage you to visit her site and share her work with any survivors you may know.


I have been working with Kinkly to help this own find her first orgasm and then how to expand her orgasms. It’s so lovely to work with a person who is willing to slow down and take some time to explore their body. Not to mention how amazing it is that she is willing to share her experience with all of us! I also wrote a piece on pain during penetration.

For all my friends who write about sex toys, this piece SugarCunt has a good post on writing sex toy reviews. And for those of you who enjoy reading sexuality-related blogs, Lilly has a great post on easy ways to support your favorite bloggers.

__________THANK YOU__________

I’m still in a place where I am sort of pummeled from having cancer. I am now cancer free but the frenzy of diagnosis and treatment is over and now I am picking up the emotional pieces. It’s not easy. I do however have a lot to be thankful for. One thing I am thankful for is your willingness to read my blog and experience it all with me. I am less alone because of you.

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