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This little Canadian company is full of heart! The owners come and go because it’s a worker-owned cooperative, but collectively I have friends who have been happily entangled with them for almost 15 years. My entanglement with them means I have been eating food with them, flopping down on couches in Toronto for long conversations with them, teaching workshops, doing staff training, and shopping their store all these years! Every time I visit them I find unique items and gifts that I inevitably have to drop some of my paycheck on.

Look at this golden cock. Look at it! Oben 2 by BS Atelier one of the most unique dildos I have ever seen. Made of body-safe, nonporous 100% silicone, featuring this beautiful blend of colors that create this golden ombré effect. The shaft is dual density, having a harder core and softer outer layer. It’s petite at 4.72 inches in length by 1.1 inches in width. The oval shaped base means it is harness compatible and suitable for anal play as well. ($63 at Come As You Are, free shipping within Canada)

gold strap on harness

How do you strap on a golden cock? With a Golden Leather Harness by Unicorn Collaborators, of course! Fits up to a 55″ hip, and 22″ thigh. ($150 at Come As You Are, free shipping in USA and Canada)
You’ll find a lot more than just sex toys on this site, they have a real knack for introducing me to other items like Lynn’s Lotion Body Massage Bar. ($8) They sent me a love package with this solid lotion bar and I found it melts perfectly into a thick winter lotion that is ideal for elbows, knees, and feet. Plus it’s so cute. I have the bumblebee version. They also have these cocoa & shea butter massage melts that I am gonna have to try at some point. ($4.50)

Speaking of warm sensations… I am curious to try these Play Wax Pillars. ($10) They come in a variety of colors and are handmade in Canada. They slowly burn at a low temperature so they are safe to drip on your lover’s skin. I also recommend getting a copy of Guide To Hot Wax And Temperature Play. It taught me everything I needed to know about playing with wax safely. ($13.99)

It used to be that progressive sex shops were a great place to get exposed to hard to find books and the ideas they contained. Come As You Are is one of the few progressive sex shops that despite the low-profit margins has continued to stock books. You can find groundbreaking classic sexuality books and new releases that they feel will resonate with their customers, like The Science of Trust. ($46) This book speaks to emotional attunement and how to help relationships weather tough times. They also carry my book! ($21.50)

I feel like every vagina-owner deserves a Vadge Of Honour Patch. ($8) It’s just a fact. They also have these super cute Vagina & Vulva Pins! ($5)

Finally, if you are in the Toronto area I recommend checking out their Erotic Arts & Crafts Show this Saturday! Their twitter feed is full of teasers about the artists and crafts you’ll find there!

Full disclosure: There are no affiliate links in this post. I am just sharing things I like.

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