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I’ve been window shopping again! Here are some of my favorite plus size lingerie picks for the Valentines this year!

The little ties that keep the top of this baby doll closed just beg to be untied! The halter style top ensures it will fit. (Available in five colors, large to 6X, $29.95 – $44.95 from

I am a firm believer that feeling good in what you are wearing equates sexiness. This Satin Chemise And Robe Set looks so silky and comfy. Total date night at home attire! It would be super cute under a corset too. (Available in six colors, large to 6X, $44.95 from

Ok, I think you get the idea, I like baby doll lingerie sets! For me, they are the perfect thing to cover my recent scars from surgery, but then also uncover them when I am ready! (My husband likes to call them my war wounds.) This little piece just looks so cute and comfortable. It just looks so light, soft and easy to slip into. It’s even called the Soft and Comfy Baby Doll. (Available in seven colors, large to 6X, $44.95 but on sale for $29.95 at the time of this post from

I own these cheeky lace panties. They feel like a thong but they don’t slide around under my clothes, which means I really can wear them all day. (Available in nine colors, large to 6X, $16.95 but  from

I love the way a well designed Bandage Bustier can wrap and pull a curvy body into an enunciated, more dramatic form. This sexy number will give you all that! (Available in black, large to 6X, $79.95 but  from


Full disclosure: I purchased the panties with my own money. There are no affiliate links in this post. I am just sharing things I like.

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