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Splurging on something luscious and sexy can be a great pick-me-up. Why? When you spend money on some element of our lives it elevates the importance and drives us to be more committed. If your sex life (with yourself or a partner) has been lagging, I suggest spoiling yourself and/or your partner with these elegant items from Peepshow Toys.

This beautifully curved, medical grade, stainless steel Njoy Pure Wand wand is 1.5 pounds of pure pleasure. The weight forces your muscles to engage which in turn drives bigger, more badass orgasms ($110 at, qualifies for free US shipping)

It’s not very expensive but it plays like a pricey item. This Blown Basic Curve Glass Dildo is cool to the touch, warms with your body, and undeniably sleek and sexy to the touch. ($36 at

Of all the male pleasure products on the market, the Cobra Libre II ($129.99) by Fun Factory is the one my phantom penis wants to experience the most. Why? feedback from dudes. I have had three guys tell me this toy takes a few sessions to learn how to use, but once you do– the orgasms are unparalleled and second only to partner sex.

I might also suggest warming up up your penis masturbation toys with Warm ($145) and then add some of The Butters Original All Natural Lube & Moisturizer. ($12) You’ll experience an even more sensual and realistic experience.

Finally, the one thing I am most curious to explore in the Peepshow Toys catalog is the Doxy Die Cast Massage Wand. The die-cast casing and the accolated my friends have given this piece mean at some point I will be having sex with it! Plus, every expression I see from the Doxy staff at events or online– they seem like good people. I like supporting good people. ($189.99 at, qualifies for free US shipping)

Full disclosure: I purchased the Njoy Pure Wand with my own money. sent me samples of The Butters Original All Natural Lube & Moisturizer. All links on this post are affiliate links. When you click them and buy, I get a small reward. Thank you for supporting my site.

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