Meet Some Sex Bloggers With Big Hearts!

I am thankful and lucky I have these beautiful bloggers in my corner. When cancer turned my life upside down these are a few of the people cheered me on with kind words, little gifts, messages full of love, donations, retweets, shares, links, and a whole lot of love. There are more people I need to thank… but I am doing this in little nibbles, as time and energy allow.

Below are a few of those beloved bloggers and some links to things they have written that I find to be extraordinary. Not only are they kind hearts, but there are some truly thoughtful, smart writers here.

Dildo or Dildon’t / @Makeupandsin

Elle Chase / @TheElleChase

Erika Lynae / @Erika_Lynae

Hermione Danger / @HermioneDangr

Phallophile Reviews / @PhallophileRev 

Princess Previews / @PrincessPreview

Red Hot Suz / @redhotsuz

Sugar Cunt / @SugarCunt

The Toyful Review / @Thetoyfulreview

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