How Much Does Cancer Cost?

I have access to health insurance through my job. This is probably the best scenarios a person diagnosed with cancer can face. But still, you can see below the cost of caring for cancer in America is overwhelming.

At the highest point, the bills on my table reached more than $56,000. I have fought to help my insurance company responsible and I have won. I did this by keeping very accurate track of bill, and detailed notes of every phone conversation. I did the countless hours worth of work to track down medical records, convincing responsible parties to communicate with each other, and send lots of faxes. (Funny how the medical world can keep records online, collect payments with ease, yet they still use fax machines when you seek to argue a bill.)

My total medical costs (including the fundraising fees and lost wages) totals $9257. That does not include the yoke around my neck that will have me doing cancer screenings every 3 months for the rest of my life. But fuck it, for now, I am in remission!

My beautiful friends are fundraising for me (THANK YOU!) and we are a tight budget in an effort to get these obligations cared for. We also depleted our savings and live on a budget. We have already been using the Total Money Makeover system before I was diagnosed with cancer. I highly recommend it.

As of February 1, 2018: people have generously donated $6714. (THANK YOU AGAIN!) As the money lands in my bank account I continue to pay off bills. 🙂 Any donations that go beyond what I need for my bills will be sent to another person who needs help.


JAN 2018

$106 fundraiser fees (paid)

$50 co-pay for follow up appt (paid)

$47 co-pay for follow up appt (paid)

$515 surgery (paid)

$324 insurance (paid with my paycheck)


DEC 2017 

$202 fundraiser fees (paid)

$47 surgeon office visit

$816 hospital stay (reduced from $49,846 after I faught)

$910 anesthesia for surgery (paid)

$50 co-pay for follow up appt (paid)

$16 labs (paid)

$21 labs (paid)

$40 pathology (paid)

$100 presurgical testing (paid)

$1720 lost wages

$324 insurance (paid with my paycheck)


NOV 2017

$78 medical supplies (paid)

$100 co-pay to hospital for surgery (paid)

$1300 biopsy surgery (paid)

$510 anesthesia for original biopsy (paid)

$100 MRI (paid)

$327 medical supplies (paid)

$19 lab tests (paid)

$40 pathology tests (paid)

$324 insurance (paid with my paycheck)


OCT 2017 

$50 co-pay for consult with urologist (paid)

$20 co-pay for surgical medical clearance (paid)

$50 co-pay for consult with surgeon (paid)

$324 insurance (paid with my paycheck)


SEPT 2017

$60 surgery deductible (paid)

$34 labs (paid)

$20 co-pay for medical clearance (paid)

$324 insurance (paid with my paycheck)