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I Am Surviving Cancer

If you have worries about your body, or your intuition tells you something is wrong, find the strength to go to the doctor. These were the signs of endometrial cancer that I experienced.

Once diagnosed, I felt like someone should send an ambulance to my house and get it out of my body. Instead, I learned I had to wait many weeks. I had to sort my thoughts and breathe. I had to go through lots of medical tests and planning to ensure you get the right treatment. I wrote about that process is six posts. 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

I worry about the cost of cancer, how it will impact my family and my ability to make a living. It seemed like so much of the information online is very baseline and superficial so I build my own list of quality resources.

I found some good things to do while waiting. I made a list of Things to Look Forward To. (As soon as I am healed up I will start to check them off, one by one!) I made notes for my future self on How Not To Fuck Up My Body’s Healing Process. (Thank goodness, I do have to go back and remind myself to slow down and be patient.) I created and refined My Epic Wellness plan so I can minimize my risks of reoccurrence and live long into the future.

Once my oncologist told me I would need a radical hysterectomy to remove my uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and cervix I sort of freaked out. This means instantaneous, surgical menopause. I needed to sort my head so I wrote The New Menopause Manifesto (which is turning out to be 100% true!) and started working on my Sexual Self Care plan.

I had a strange mix of fear and happiness as my surgery finally arrived. I was afraid to go under the knife but happy to be getting rid of the cancer. It took about five days before I was strong enough to write about the experience of surgery.

I had a hard time finding any real information on what it’s like to experience a hysterectomy. This made it hard for me to know what to expect, to know how much help I would need after the surgery, or what kind of impact the surgery would have on my ability to work. For these reasons, I wrote a frank Timeline of Hysterectomy Healing Process.

As I write this I am still healing from surgery but happy to report I got my first no evidence of disease report. I’ll keep writing about the impact this disease and surgery have on my mind and body with the I hopes it will help anyone who may have to go down with road in the future.

xo – Ducky