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Oh I Like This / Feb 2018

Oh I Like This / Feb 2018

Howdy! Welcome to my February roundup. You can by the date that I almost missed it this month! Working in the sex toy industry means I get clobbered with work every February by perverted Valentines who need vibrating doo-dads. Bless their hearts. __________YUM__________ I am […]

Goodness Thrives… Lilly

Goodness Thrives… Lilly

We don’t know each other very well. We’ve shared some kind words online and some valued time together at sexuality conferences. But one day, while I was in the midst of cancer treatment, Lilly sent me a message and asked if I would consider doing […]

Oh I Like This / Jan 2018

Oh I Like This / Jan 2018

__________NEW YEAR__________

Hi! I am pretty well healed! I am moving out of full sloth mode and into some more active means of caring for myself. How? Well, I have this list I made while I was in the thick of cancer treatment of things to look forward to. Now I need to make them happen!

My big goal is to get some of this fat off of my body. (Fat produces estrogen, estrogen has the potential to produce cancer in my body.) I need to get strong so I can get back to martial arts.

I also just sent another email to this local organization that does housing advocacy for the elderly, mentally ill and homeless individuals. I submitted my application to volunteer last month but have not heard back. Either they are overwhelmed and really need me, or they don’t need me at all. Either way, I’m gonna try to put my skills to use. If not for them, then for some other organization. As a formerly homeless person, I can not sit back and hope that someone else takes care of the problems in my community. If you don’t know… volunteering is a super awesome selfish act… for many, it elevates depression and makes your heart feel good. I recommend it.


I am really excited about this cookbook. It’s called Greens Glorious Greens!: More than 140 Ways to Prepare All Those Great-Tasting, Super-Healthy, Beautiful Leafy Greens and it’s full of recipes that take what may have been bland leaves and turns them into deliciousness!

Oh and my friend sent me some of these San Jaun Island Sea Salt blends. They are amazing! If you are a pervert for spices like I am… get some!

__________FEEL GOOD__________

At work, we use bonus.ly. Everyone in the office gets points at the beginning of the month. If someone helps you with a project or goes above and beyond we can give each other points as a thank you and recognition. I recently cashed my points in for a Sephora gift card and scored this stunning Bite Beauty Lipstick in a color called beetroot. It’s a deep, dark, sexy lip color. I also got a pallet of Stellar Stardust Lip Powder. The powder is great for layering. It adds some metallic shimmer.


I have always loved Eric Stanton’s illustrations. Here’s a great collection of his pulp book covers. I wrote this article on sex toy materials. I also answered this question about sex toys throughout history and this piece on why people engage in kinky sex. On this podcast, EmmelinePeaches talks about how fitness effects sexual wellness. And for those who like to wear your cock, AFemmeCock has this cool tutorial on how to make a rope strap-on.


My_Favorite Thing is Monsters coverMy family gave me some beautiful books for the holidays. My Favorite Thing is Monsters is a huge, beautiful graphic novel, page after page of beautifully drawn storytelling.

My husband gave me a copy of The Quotable Anais Nin: 365 Quotations with Citations. He also gave me Raw Erotica: Sex, Lust and Desire in Outsider Art. I do love outsider art, but this volume is more about explicitness than it is erotica. Still a lovely and disturbing book.

__________THANK YOU__________

Thank you to beyonddelights.com for coming to my online classes for retailers and turning what they learn into thoughtful articles, like this one on sex and unwanted pain. I love seeing good hearted companies bringing good things into the world.

Thanks to Women of Sex Tech for inviting me to be a part of your group. I am honored to be a part of this powerful force!

Thank you (x1000) to Lilly for telling the world I am one of her blogging inspirations. This is a huge compliment.