My name is Ducky. I blog about things I like. You’ll find posts about fitness, food, products that sincerely make my life better, surviving cancer and just life in general. 

For work, I am a pleasure-based Sex Educator for a pleasure product company. I also lead the marketing team, do some sex toy design work, test prototypes, and bring pleasure into the world. (Seeking and inspiring pleasure is a great career!)

I am not actively working in the field, I am also a certified Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Counselor. I left that work after nearly a decade. After so many years I wanted to go out on a high note before the work became hard on my soul. But no regrets for the late nights I spent in the emergency room, helping survivors understand their rights and regain their power.

sex with the lights on book coverI am the author of Sex With The Lights On 200 Illuminating Sex Questions Answered. I was also awarded a fellowship with the New York Foundation for the Arts in the category of non-fiction literature.

I do speaking engagements. I present workshops at community centers and on campuses. I have trained medical students on how to address sexual issues with care and compassion and have been the keynote speaker at sexual wellness conferences and social work conferences across North America.

I love to bake, cook, make things, garden, watch movies, and write. I am married to a USMC combat veteran. We live in New York with our collection of unruly rescued animals.