About Me

Ducky, from chest up, where a suit and tie, with brimmed hat pulled down over my eyes.

My name is Ducky. I come from humble beginnings– an orphan, foster child, homeless teenager. But do not underestimate me. I am also an award-winning author. I have presented at conferences, homeless youth drop-in centers, trade schools, medical schools, and ivy league universities. I have traveled the world, from Paris to Shanghai.

After surviving cancer a few years ago, I experienced a seismic shift in how I care for myself. Pleasure is my priority. To balance out my hard work schedule and my drive, I now dedicate more time to things I love… like baths, cooking, making things, gardening, watching movies, and writing. I also love spending time with my husband (a USMC combat veteran) and our collection of unruly rescued animals.

Welcome to my world.